• Steak Sauce



    1/2 cup + 2 tbsp

    2 tbsp

    3 tbsp

    1/4 cup


    1 tbsp

    3 tbsp

    1/4 tsp

    1/2 tsp

    1/2 tsp

    1 tbsp

    1/2 tsp

    4 tbsp


    If you like it hot add:

    1/4 tsp

    1 drop

    each malt vinegar, ketchup

    bbq sauce

    each Worcestershire sauce, Thai style chilli sauce


    prunes chopped

    each vegetable oil, lemon juice


    round pepper

    each nutmeg, mustard powder, ground ginger

    ground mace

    each onion powder, ground flax seeds, thyme

    each allspice, cloves, cardamom

    cold water



    cayenne pepper

    Tabasco sauce


    1. add all ingredients (except water) to a blender and liquidize until raisins and prunes are small flecks.

     2. pour mixture into a sauce pan

     3. add cold water to blender and turn on to get the remaining mixture out

     4. pour water mixture into saucepan

     5. cook over low heat stirring constantly until thickened (about 10 mintues)

     6. pour into sterilized jars and boil the jars for 15 minutes

     7. store in a cool place


    makes 3 - 250 ml jars