• Chicken Wings






     1/2 cup

     1 tbsp

     1 tbsp

     1 tbsp


     1 tbsp

     1 tsp

     1 tsp


    Blue cheese dip:

     1 cup

     1/4 cup

     2 tsp

     1 tbsp


    chicken wings



    red wine vinegar

    Dijon mustard


    olive oil

    pepper to taste

    unsalted butter melted

    chilli powder

    chipotle chilli pepper




    blue cheese crumbled

    finely chopped red onion

    finely chopped green onion

    pepper to taste


     1. combine ingredients for blue cheese dip in small food processor and pulse a couple times to combine ingredients

     2. refrigerate for about ½ hour before serving

     3. combine sauce ingredients in a bowl

     4. add chicken wings to sauce and stir to coat wings with sauce

     5. place wings on hot bbq for about 4 minutes turning once

     6. serve wings with blue cheese dip.