• Macaroni



    2 1/2 cups


    1/2 cup



    3/4 cup

    1 1/2 cups

    2 tbsp

    1/4 cup

    3 tbsp

    1/4 cup

    2 tbsp

    1 tsp

    1 tsp

    1/4 cup



    1/4 cup

    1 tsp

    2 tbsp

    uncooked macaroni noodles


    low fat grated cheese (gouda or provolone)



    raw cashews (soaked in water for about 3 hours)

    cashew milk (or almond milk or 2% milk)

    lemon juice

     canola oil

    tomato paste

    nutritional yeast

    corn starch

    onion powder

    garlic powder

    grated parmesan cheese



    bread crumbs

    dried oregano

    melted butter or margarine



    1. Preheat oven to 350F

    2. In large pot of boiling water cook pasta until al dente

    3. Place all ingredients for sauce in blender and blend until smooth

    4. Drain pasta and place in large bowl

    5. Pour sauce on top and grated cheese if using and mix to coat pasta

    6. Place pasta mixture in 9x9 baking dish

    7. Combine topping mixture and sprinkle on top of pasta

    8. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes