• Pizza for Breakfast




     1 156 ml



     1 cup

     2 tbsp

    pizza dough (see bread machine pizza dough recipe)

    can tomato paste

    slices bacon


    grated mozzarella cheese

    each fresh chives, parsley, basil


     1. cook bacon in a pan until almost done and chop into large pieces

     2. brush bottom of 11 inch spring form pan with olive oil

     3. spread pizza dough on bottom of pan

     4. brush with olive oil

     5. spread tomato paste on top

     6. sprinkle have of the herbs on tomato paste

     7. sprinkle cheese on top of tomato paste and herbs

     8. bake at 400 for 12 minutes

     9. remove from oven

     10. arrange chopped bacon evenly on pizza

     11. sprinkle remaining herbs over pizza

     12. crack eggs onto pizza (try to space them out on the pizza equally)

     13. broil on low for 6 minutes (or until eggs are done)